Fall River Movie Review & Movie Summary (2021)

In 1979 and 1980, Doreen Levesque, Barbara Ann Raposa, and Karen Marsden were killed in Fall River. And they weren’t just murdered, they were brutalized in details too gruesome to include in a review. It began with the death of Levesque, who was found under the bleachers of a local school with her hands tied and her skull crushed by a large boulder. Three months later, Raposa was found in the woods with signs of similar trauma. The two cases were almost certainly related. When a potential witness named Karen Marsden was dropped off by the cops after speaking to them, she was not murdered until a few hours later. His head has never been found.

Around the same time, the stories of Satanism spreading across the country gained momentum in the news and on talk shows. A violent local pimp named Carl Drew has been accused of being a Satanist, someone who used the girls who worked for him in his bloody rituals. Robin Murphy, another Fall River criminal underground player, pointed the finger at Drew, but then retracted parts of his story. In fact, some investigators believe Murphy, although he was only 17 at the time, was a sufficiently violent character in the community to be one of the killers. One of the original investigators said in one of the show’s many excellent sound bites, “Robin could eat pizza and then kill you right after that and she wouldn’t mind at all.”

Were the murders the result of a prostitution war between Drew and Murphy? Was Satanism involved at all? There is a constant feeling throughout “Fall River” that no one on the investigative side or the criminal side of this story seems to know all the details. This gives an incredible boost in investigative journalism as Day carefully compares testimony, case details, background that may have provided grounds, etc. a lot of recent crime docuseries, “Fall River” never lags because Day keeps pace through the various theories on these cases. It comes to an end in a very effective final hour in which I have a pretty solid theory as to who committed the three crimes – well, at least the first two of course – but it all happened there. so long ago that actual shutdown seems unlikely.

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