Facebook sues the European Union

It is not new that Facebook is investigated in many countries for the most diverse reasons, from issues involving data privacy, to the possible adoption of anti-competitive measures.

However, something at least curious is happening in the European Union: the platform is trying to turn the tide after claiming that local investigations would be extrapolating the merits of the process, and for that reason the company would be forcibly delivering more information than necessary.

In this process, the platform is investigated for alleged anti-competitive practices with its marketplace service, in addition to the possible excessive collection of information from section users for its integrated advertising services.

According to Facebook, even useless data for the investigation was being requested, in addition to excessive sensitive information that would reach employees and their families, such as medical, financial details, and conversation data packages based on some keywords selected by the court.

Still in the process, Facebook claims to have already provided 315,000 documents to the commission, which totaled 1.7 million pages.

Whether the case is accepted or not, the fact is that the processing of a new legal complaint about the main case tends to delay the work.

Remember, last year Facebook was fined R $ 23 million for not passing on conversations to the Federal Police, which would use them for Operation Pouch.

That month, the company again opposed to sharing conversations from its messengers, when it was invited to participate in debates about the PL for fake news, which is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies.

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