Facebook is preparing to protect Instagram and WhatsApp

Faced with tight pressure from regulatory agencies, Facebook seems to be preparing itself for the worst-case scenario. An internal document published by The Wall Street Journal helps gain insight into how to respond to a formal request for the separation of Instagram and WhatsApp on the Facebook front.

It seems that the social media giant would defend the idea that such a separation would be “completely useless”. The company hints that it will base this defense on the absence of such a precedent in the past.

According to the leaked document; Facebook reminds that its purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp has been approved by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) without any annotation. The company also emphasizes that it has invested billions of dollars in both projects and created the integration. Defending that a possible separation will require billions of dollars of extra spending, Facebook also states that this will reduce security and damage the user experience.

There was no explanation about the document leaked from Facebook. The company has called for more comprehensive legislation rather than a separation in the past.

Facebook may have to really do this defensive in the near future to maintain its integration with Instagram and WhatsApp. It is said that the FTC will open its monopoly case before 2020 ends. The Facebook investigation in the US House of Representatives is expected to be completed by the end of this month. Neither organization seems to be very friendly towards Facebook.

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