EXO’s Kai shows off his modeling skills in teasers to debut

Kim Jongin looked defiant and bold in new photos for the mini album ‘KAI (开)’, the K-pop dancer combined different outfits and gifted his fans with amazing looks. Look at the photos.

Kai’s solo project is one of the most anticipated debuts from K-pop fans, the artist represented by SM Entertainment revealed incredible teasers for his self-titled record material that he will promote with the title track ‘Mmmh’.

Kim Jongin combined his love for music, modeling and fashion, these elements were incorporated into the images that make up the previews of ‘KAI (开)’, which so far demonstrated his independent, powerful, strong and energetic side.

The idol originally from Seoul in South Korea stood out in the entertainment world thanks to his enormous skills on stage, he is considered one of the most experienced Korean pop idols in dance.

The most recent images of the Super M rapper played with the stages and the lights, as a result, the interpreter of ‘Call Me Baby’ looked enigmatic, mysterious and his outfits reflected his essence.


The first two photos are part of the first teasers for the album, Kai appeared on set in a black outfit, the hoodie was decorated with some long fringes that covered the idol’s face.

The other set of images showed Kai’s modeling talent, he appeared with a cap in an interesting black and beige pattern, the back of the accessory forms a cape that covered Jongin’s shoulders, a bright blue jacket complemented his look.

Kai’s way of dressing gave him the title as one of the celebrities who broke stereotypes and his aesthetic proposal is iconic, the snapshots for his debut were not far behind and Jongin added elegant rings and a nose piercing to his style.

The songs that are part of ‘KAI (开)’ and the official video of ‘Mmmh’ will be released on November 30 on all online platforms. What do you think of the previews Kim Jongin revealed?

Kai recently came out wild and shared his routine at home, the EXO member opened the doors of his apartment to the cameras of a famous Korean television show.

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