EXO’s Kai drives fans crazy with these amazing photos

EXO’s Jongin interacted with his fans on the Lysn platform and revealed some photos for EXO-L. EXO’s Kai shared some new photos in Lysn Bubble’s chat and fans celebrated like this.

Kai is one of the most iconic K-pop dancers and singers in this musical style, the EXO member who has been dancing for many years, which is reflected in his performances on big stages.

Jongin has an exercise and eating routine adapted to his idol life , in addition to spending time in the dance studio practicing choreography and creating new steps, the singer of ‘The Star’ spends a few hours in the gym .

Earlier today, SuperM’s Kai became trending on social media for some photos he shared with his fans via the Lysn app , a platform for SM Entertainment groups to communicate with their fans.

Jongin posted some photos in Bubble’s special chat and then wrote:

This is not good for your health, how do I remove this?

He also revealed another image and wrote:

My coffee is latte

Fans on social networks made trend mention ‘Jongin’, while some fans were talking about the good condition of Kai others making comparisons between different post of members of EXO .

Baekhyun recently released photos in Bubble of some hamburgers and quite a lot of delicious food and on the other hand Chanyeol also posted a photo of the physical work he has been doing for his comeback with the EXO-SC subunit.

EXO-L expressed their love with hundreds of messages of affection especially for Kim Jongin, commenting that hoped he was feeling well, enjoying his free time and taking great care of his health.

If you want to know more about the Lysn application from the SM Entertainment agency , how it works and what benefits the different memberships have, click here for more details about the Bubble fan chat.

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