Exhibitors split over Akshay Kumar Starrer’s OTT arrival in 4 weeks, final solution to be locked

Sooryavanshi: Exhibitors open up on Akshay Kumar Starrer arriving in 4 weeks on OTT (Photo credit – IMDb / Sooryavanshi)

Akshay Kumar star Sooryavanshi has been making headlines since the unofficial announcement of the film’s release date. It’s now slated for release on April 2. Yesterday we told you that the manufacturers asked for 70% revenue share from multiplexers with the OTT window shortening from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. But, now the manufacturers have yet another demand.

Conversely, producers used to get a 50% share during the pre-COVID era arrangement. But, now it looks like the new demand hasn’t gone well with the exhibitors. Read on to understand what the manufacturers demanded and how exhibitors react to the same.

According to reports from Bollywood Hungama, the exhibition industry has not yet agreed to these conditions. According to them, the revenue sharing model is not financially feasible for theaters. Many theater owners are also concerned that if the films reach digital in just 4 weeks, it could reduce the number of visitors. But with the arrival of Tamil blockbuster Master (2021) on Amazon Prime in 16 days, a precedent has already been set. So does that mean Sooryavanshi will be in a profitable situation?

When the exhibitors were asked about the request to shorten the OTT window for Akshay star Kumar Sooryavanshi, Raj Bansal, the owner of Entertainment Paradise in Jaipur, said: “(OTT window) 8 weeks ka hi rehna chahiye. Anything less than this is unfair to exhibitors and distributors. For a small film, a four week window between cinema and digital is acceptable. But big budget movies last 6-8 weeks and releasing them within 4 weeks is absolutely pointless. If I can figure out that I can watch a movie online after a few weeks, I will try to avoid going to the movies. This will seriously hamper our activities. “

Film operator and distributor Akshaye Rathi added, “There should be some flexibility. Ideally, it should take at least 4 weeks to start. This is not quite normal yet and it is important that producers and exhibitors watch each other rather than limit themselves to their individual interests.

He added: “We would be delighted if the producers gave us a chance to function optimally with Sooryavanshi’s business and God forbid if it underperforms, so I think it is fair that the producers should. expect exhibitors to allow them out on OTT earlier than the normal 8 week old school window. So that kind of flexibility and compromise is important, at least for a few months or so for the first big-price Hindi movie releases that come out.

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