EXCLUSIVE: Without remorse, director Stephano Sollima: “It was my idea to ask Michael B. Jordan to do as many stunts in the film as possible”: Bollywood News

Michael B Jordan’s Next Amazon Original Movie Without remorse is one of those films that will not only be a thrilling action thriller but also an emotional roller coaster ride of its character John Clark, aka John Kelly, who one can’t help but relate to. After reading several Clancy novels and seeing most of the past screen adaptations, director Stephano Sollima was a fan of the author’s work. Unlike Jordan, however, the “Rainbow Six” video games weren’t his forte.

“I’m pretty bad with them,” admits the director. “My children are much better than me. Whenever we play together, they always win. Sollima considers Clancy “the most interesting political thriller of its time” and was drawn to the author’s talent for creating stories that were both entertaining and deeply realistic. “His most impressive achievement was how he created fantastic scenarios filled with precise technical and operational details. Personally, this is something I always look for in the movies.

The search for realism was an important part of Sollima’s speech to the production team. “It was my idea to ask Michael to do as many stunts in the movie as possible because I really wanted to build all the action around his character,” says the director. “My thought was to put him in these extreme situations and then try to feel exactly what he feels during the scenes. I did this to create a character that audiences would fall in love with. In order to reinforce this concept in the action scenes, my idea was to shoot almost everything from Kelly’s point of view only.

Highlighting the differences between Jack Ryan and John Kelly was another aspect of Sollima’s speech that convinced the producers. “They are completely different characters in every way possible,” says Sollima. “Ryan is part of the system; he sincerely believes in what he is doing for America. But John Kelly’s journey is much more moving. He started out as a soldier who believes in what he fights for, but when his wife is killed everything cracks for him. Suddenly he doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t believe in anything. So he’s a more confrontational character than Jack Ryan. On the one hand, he’s after revenge, but he’s also trying to do the right thing. That’s why I’m more interested in John Kelly. He feels like a real human being to me.

The director is surprised that Kelly has never been explored in this way on screen before. “Kelly is a man who questions his job, his superiors and even his country to find the truth behind the pain inflicted on him. Although he has made brief appearances in other films, he never had a movie entirely built around him before this one. The idea behind the character is a very powerful and extreme concept, and it probably took a while to prepare. Maybe audiences just weren’t ready for a character like Kelly until now. The chance to lead an actor of Jordan’s caliber was a big part of the draw for Sollima.

EXCLUSIVE: Without Remorse director Stephano Sollima: "It was my idea to have Michael B. Jordan do as many stunts in the movie as possible."

Ryanverse fans may be affectionately familiar with James Greer who has been an ally of Jack Ryan and John Clark throughout many of Tom Clancy’s novels. However, the next film, Without Remorse is set to change and modernize some aspects of the books. In a much welcomed change, the film is expected to feature Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer, James Greer’s niece instead of himself.

Alana Mayo, Executive Director, says: “Focusing on Karen Greer was a great idea that I wish I could take credit for, but it was actually Taylor Sheridan’s suggestion. Making our Greer a female Navy SEAL commander allowed for some bold casting choices.

Alana and her team were more than happy to hear that a certain actor was willing to challenge themselves, try something new and learn and adapt to the role and undergo rigorous training to get into the role. the character. She continued, “Luckily we found Jodie Turner-Smith, who is just spectacular in the movie.”

Turner-Smith, who plays Lt. Commander Karen Greer, was cast for the role even before her debut in Queen and Slim in 2019. Even the director of the film made his feelings clear about the casting call when he said, “It’s not the predictable choice. Jodie had extensive experience as a model and had worked at television, but she didn’t have much feature film experience when she was cast for the role. “

He continued, “What I liked, though, was that she really wanted to try something different, and it was absolutely perfect because her character in this movie is very unusual. While our goal has always been to make an ultra-realistic film, a female SEAL does not yet exist. But since there will probably be one soon, we decided to create one ourselves.

Producer Goldsman thinks inventing a female Navy SEAL is the kind of thing that devoted Clancy readership will appreciate. It will also be exciting for the women watching the film who will welcome the call for role reversals with open arms. It will be truly inspiring for all young women to see a woman play such an important role.

Co-star Bell thinks Turner-Smith’s portrayal of the world’s first female Navy SEAL is one of the most exciting elements of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. “Jodie is really modernizing the film,” he says. “She’s in almost every action scene, and she’s fighting by our side, doing whatever we do. She has had the exact same training we have, and in terms of representing women who proudly serve in the military, she has done a phenomenal job.

Finally, Turner Greer expresses his excitement for her role and hopes it ends up inspiring women to achieve their goals and have that never say never attitude. She hopes that gender biases don’t stop women from chasing their dreams. She says, “I think it’s great that today’s filmmakers want to change the stories we’ve seen in the past and make them reflect our time,” she says. “It’s about giving people the opportunity to see themselves on screen, so I would like some little girls to watch this movie someday and say to themselves, oh yeah, I could do that too!”

Directed by Stefano Sollima, Without remorse stars Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Lauren London, Brett Gelman, among others, and is scheduled to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting April 30.

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