Exclusive! Vijay Varma breaks silence on current status of Mirzapur 3 and how it will never make ‘fair and lovely’ publicity

Vijay Varma talks exclusively about Mirzapur 3, about glorifying the wrong man and not making a fair and charming announcement (Photo credit – Facebook)

Vijay Varma is an actor who has found a new niche over the past two years. Project after publication of the project Gully Boy, the appropriate boy and IT, the actor only increased his fan base. At the moment, he is riding the success of his recently released show, OK Computer, created by Anand Gandhi. To talk about it and also Mirzapur 3, he joined Koimoi exclusively.

Vijay who played gray roles in a few projects and sharpened them with his caliber, when he joined Koimoi had a strong stance on glorifying the bad guys. He said he would never make a Fair & Lovely announcement and also has an update on the direction of Mirzapur 3. Below is everything you need to know and exactly what Varma had to say about it. .

When asked if there was something he wouldn’t do at all in his career, Vijay Varma was initially confused but then got a surprising response. He said, “I don’t know, I never really thought like that. Fair & Lovely ka ad nahi karunga (will not make a Fair & Lovely ad). “

Later, when asked if he would ever pick a part that glorifies the villain, Vijay Varma said, “No, I like it when the cause and the repercussions, the action and the reaction happen to the screen. If you’ve seen it, most of my characters meet the fate they deserve. Including Moin from Gully Boy, who is behind bars at the end of the film. Or Satya in ELLE who gets killed. And even though people are like why, why did he die? I’m like, no but it’s supposed to be the right thing. You are supposed to be punished for what you have done. Or be it the Tyagi brothers in Mirzapur.

Speaking about the importance of justice in any arc, Vijay Varma added, “There is a kind of justice, I like. Also because it makes the arc interesting for me. And ane wale chizon me bhi you will see that there is justice. I still don’t like unnecessary glorification. So I manage to get away from it personally.

There was no way we would have let him go without talking about Mirzapur 3. The actor entered the popular mass webcast as the Tyagi Brothers (dual role) in Season 2. His character was loved and is the centerpiece of season 3. Talking about the same, Vijay Varma said, “Mirzapur season 3 is going to happen. But we don’t know when. We, the actors, are also waiting for the producers to give us clarity.

Watch the fun conversation here:

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