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Ewan McGregor didn’t know much about ’60s and’ 70s fashion icon Halston before signing on to star in Netflix’s five-part limited series, except maybe he was BFF’s best friend. Liza Minnelli. This would be because Halston not only had a huge impact on the fashion world but also the New York social whirlwind during his prime years.

McGregor appeared with Ryan Murphy and several other key production members on Netflix’s panel on the show at Deadline’s Contenders Television’s awards season event.

“I had no knowledge of Halston, but I was intrigued by the way [director Dan Minahan] talked about him, the photographs he showed me, and also that I didn’t know anything about him was intriguing, ”he said. “Like why didn’t I know this man who was so famous in his day and made such a mark on Americans, not just fashion, but culture, you know, changed things, changed the way things. I was fascinated by the intricacies of her life, facing fame, dealing with addiction. There were just a lot of things in his personality that I thought were amazing to play, and I was right. He was a wonderful man to know.

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Ryan Murphy made the series a priority in his broad deal with Netflix and was eager to join producers Christine Vachon and Minahan, who had spent more than 20 years trying to do so.

“I’ve always been very interested in Halston, even as a kid. I grew up in Indiana, and when I was growing up, Halston was from Indiana, so he was always kind of in my back window. I heard a lot about him growing up. He’s kind of a mythical person, and I told Dan and Christine that, but in 1996, the day I sold my very first screenplay, it was advertised in the trades, and there was an article right next to this article on how Dan and Christine had set up Halston,” he said.

“So I remember reading that and saying, ‘Oh, I wish I could be a part of it, because I love Halston.’ So when he came back on my path a few years ago, I jumped at the choice and the chance to do it with them. You know, my motto with this project is, how can I support you, how can we make it happen? It was difficult to do. It was expensive, it looks expensive, and I loved what it was about, and I loved Ewan, who was attached to playing Halston when it came to me. He really is one of the greatest designers of all time, and I felt it was a very modern story because he is one of our greatest influencers of all time. , which kind of helped create the branding idea, which I found very modern. “

Vachon, Minahan and co-star Krysta Rodriguez who plays Minnelli also joined in the conversation.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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