“Every woman who is part of our ecosystem is a role model”

Gul Panag: “Being a pioneer is a big responsibility and you have to take the plunge if they have the chance” (Photo credit: Instagram / gulpanag)

Gul Panag dons many hats, from being an actor to an avid rider, a certified pilot, a mother and a wife. She has also been in politics and is a serial half marathon runner. Although she is famous, she underestimates the model label.

“It is important to take your role as a role model seriously. When I say model, it’s not just me because I’m a public figure. I would say each of us is a role model because, given the inequity in India when it comes to accessing opportunities for women, the mere ability to choose what you do in your day is something women do. do not have access, ”Gul told IANS

She calls every woman a role model. “Every woman who is part of our ecosystem are all role models for women who don’t even have the chance to decide what they want to do in the next minute. So we all carry the incredible responsibility on our shoulders, ”added Gul, who voiced the National Geographic specials called“ Tiger Queen Of Taru ”and“ On The Brink ”.

She continued, “Sometimes walking a difficult path is an option we have to exercise because by walking that path we are making it easier for someone else. I think the responsibility of being a role model and taking the less trodden path remains on her shoulders, to make it easier for someone else to follow.

It’s not easy to be a pioneer in something, she said. “Being a pioneer is a great responsibility and you have to take the plunge if they have the opportunity,” concluded Gul.

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