“Every Breath You Take” debuts; Oscar contenders ‘Minari’ and ‘Promising Young Woman’ make specialty box office gains – Deadline

The psychological thriller directed by Vaughn Stein Every Breath You Take premiered theatrically this weekend on 106 screens and added a few coins to the specialty box office piggy bank. The film, which also landed on VOD this weekend, is on track to earn an estimate $ 35,000 with its debut.

Written by David K. Murray and starring Casey Affleck, Sam Claflin and Michelle Monaghan, Every Breath You Take was one of the few new titles to display numbers in its early days. Atlas Entertainment’s The girl who believes in miracles had 640 races in 154 markets in its weekend debut, and is expected to win around $ 535,000 in its first week.

Meanwhile, Indian characteristics Sultan / Sulthan and Wild dog released numbers for their opening weekend, with the first earning around $42,000 in 100 theaters and this last bank $ 69K in 80 theaters.

‘Shiva Baby’, ‘Every Breath You Take’ open in theaters, ‘Concrete Cowboy’ gallops through Netflix – Specialty preview

As for Oscar contenders, Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari took its theaters to 562 and made around $ 109,000, which helped the A24 drama cume to pass the $ 2 million mark. The promising young woman of Emerald Fennell at Focus Features reduced her theatrical count to 605 and made about $ 80,000 this weekend to break the $ 6 million mark. It was a good weekend for the two favorites of the awards season.

Another notable film in the specialty space would be Saban Films’ Wrong turn, which corresponded to a rough estimate of $ 36,357 hit 80 screens this weekend to break its cume to $ 1 million, an impressive feat for an independent film during the pandemic.


Every Breath You Take (Vertical entertainment) – [106 Theaters] Weekend $ 35,000; Average $ 330

The girl who believes in miracles (Atlas Entertainment) – [640 Theaters] Weekend $ 535,000; Average $ 836

Sultan / Sulthan (Independent Indian) – [100 Theaters] Weekend $ 42,000; Average $ 422

Wild dog (Independent Indian) – [80 Theaters] Weekend $ 69,000; Average $ 864


City of lies (Saban Films) – [24 Screens] Weekend $ 8,292; Average of $ 346; Cume $ 549,842

The mail (Roadside attractions / Lionsgate) – [1,322 Screens] Weekend $ 452,201; Average of $ 342; Cume $ 4,257,867

Boogie (Focus features) [603 Theaters] Weekend $ 115,000; $ 191 on average; Cume $ 4,060,000

Minari (A24) [562 Theaters] Weekend $ 109,000; $ 194 on average; Cume $ 2,078,912

Promising young woman (Focus functions) – [605 Theaters] Weekend $ 80,000; Average of $ 132; Cume $ 6,100,000

Wrong turn (Saban Films) – [80 Screens] Weekend $ 36,357; Average of $ 454; Cume $ 1,010,300

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