Ethereum Rampled: New Target $ 800?

Ethereum price has managed to rise significantly this week, similar to Bitcoin, and broke the $ 600 threshold. While the Ethereum 2.0 update was eagerly awaited, the coming ETH price increase excited investors and experts alike. Some analysts have already started making serious price predictions for Ethereum. So are analysts hopeful about Ethereum, what are the price expectations? Let’s take a look.

Ethereum (ETH) price entered a downward trend parallel to Bitcoin on November 26. Then, ETH, which managed to gain upward momentum like Bitcoin, passed the $ 600 level and is currently trading above $ 620. Bullish comments came from some analysts as bulls continued to dominate the market. The cryptocurrency analyst named Inmortal technique shared his ETH price chart and pointed to $ 800 in price:


First fall, then $ 1000

Popular crypto analyst Crypto Michael showed on the chart where he shared his new price plan for ETH. The analyst first targeted a decline in the $ 400-500 range, followed by a jump towards the $ 1000-1100 level.


Ethereum can also drag altcoins after

IncomeSharks, a popular analyst, shared an analysis on Ethereum and altcoins. According to the analyst, when Ethereum rises, it will bring altcoins with it and altcoin season will come:

“ETH is still 125% away from its all-time high. Bitcoin reached ATH. The real fun will come when Ethereum reaches ATH, bringing all the altcoins with it. My goal is early 2021. ”


“I think it’s still a few months into the altcoin season. I’m tracking ETH / BTC signals. I will be extra bullish when the break occurs at the level of the blue line above. ”


A similar altcoin season comment came from analyst Salvotore Ferregano:

How much is Ethereum right now?

Ethereum has risen by over 7% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinGecko data. Priced between $ 580 – $ 623 during the day, the current price of ETH is $ 625.


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