Ethereum (ETH) Interpretation by Crypto Michael

Crypto Michael Ethereum, one of the crypto commentators, thinks the price might be several thousand dollars .

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value, broke its own record by rising above a thousand dollars a few years ago . But Ethereum, which started to decline with Bitcoin later, fell below the $ 500 level and pulled up to the $ 230 band.

Some cryptocurrency commentators think that Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies may rise again over time . The fact that people like Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao comment on “the altcoin season has come” , and analysts like Scott Melker have made the transition to altcoins gives hope to many investors.

The target is 5 thousand dollars

Crypto Michael is among those who think that the crypto money market will go up again. Sharing charts about various coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Michael van de Poppe believes that the Ethereum price can start a new bull run.

According to his estimates, we will see that Ethereum is up to $ 500 in the near future. But in his view, ETH will not only exceed this level. Saying that Ethereum will take flight with the next bull run, Michael gives a target between 5 thousand and 10 thousand dollars for ETH price.

Increasing Cost

Although names like Michael van de Poppe are quite hopeful about Ethereum’s future, not everyone agrees. Some crypto commentators have pointed out the recently increasing transaction fees, saying that this is against Ethereum.

Brad Mills, which supports Bitcoin rather than altcoins, recently posted on this issue and pointed out that ETH users trying to swap with USDC on 1inchExchange pay more than $ 20 . According to Mills’ views, such developments in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum show that the foundations of Bitcoin are more robust than these.

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