Ethereum Classic (ETC) May Have Been 51 Percent Attack

According to the data provided by the cryptocurrency mining company Bitfly, Ethereum Classic is reported to have experienced a 3 693-block reorg. With the rearrangement, historical data written on the blockchain can be changed.

Following the announcement by Bitfly, such reorganization was confirmed by the Ethereum Classic development team (ETC Core) and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Stating that there is no finding that the arrangement was the result of an attack, ETC Core stated that it is a problem caused by a miner losing his internet connection and entering approximately 3000 blocks in the meantime, and that there is no loss in case of this possibility. specified.

Bitfly also advised that they suspend deposits and withdrawals on all crypto exchanges. It is stated that if there is a 51 percent attack, as it is thought, this situation may lead to many grievances, and the healthiest way to prevent such victimization is to stop the deposits and withdrawals.

A similar attack took place in January 2019, and the attackers stole 219,500 ETC.

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