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There is an old saying that bad memories die faster than good memories. This is apparently true for the cast of ER, who met Thursday night for an upbeat Zoom call that caused laughter, tears and awe as they reviewed old clips.

There was a visible affection shared by call participants as they remembered things like sewing pig’s trotters off-camera to practice their techniques, getting cell phones from Steven Spielberg as a Christmas present ( “The Gift That Keeps On Taking,” Clooney snapped) and learned medical lingo from real doctors who viewed the show.

The call included George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, Anthony Edwards, Ming-Na Wen, Gloria Reuben, Goran Visnjic and CCH Pounder in its first hour.

George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies and Anthony Edwards join ‘ER’ cast reunion for ‘Stars In The House’ – Watch the livestream

ER, which aired on NBC from 1994 to 2009, was the cornerstone of the network’s Thursday night “Must-See TV” programming, winning 22 Emmy Awards out of 124 nominations. At its peak, it attracted over 40 million viewers per week.

The meeting (which is available on request if you missed the livestream) will benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance, the global non-profit organization for clean water. The idea for the benefit meeting came from actress Gloria Reuben, who portrayed ERJeanie Boulet, physician assistant, and now president of the organization.

The production was hosted by Stars in the house, the YouTube series benefiting The Actors Fund. Creators and hosts Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley moderated the discussion.

the ER reunion episode aired on People’s social platforms on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as on PeopleTV’s Facebook and Twitter, and on the Stars in the house Youtube channel and Viewers were able to ask questions live and donate to the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Clooney took an active part in the discussion, admitting that he was tuning in to reruns of the show because his wife became a fan. He admitted that he “forgot all the bad things he had done” like Dr. Doug Ross on the show. He also admitted that he felt bad that the rest of the cast in the call didn’t wear noticeable gray hair.

The cast have said on several occasions how grateful they are for having experienced the hit show with a group that seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Anthony Edwards summed up the synergy: “I laughed and fell in love for eight years.”

Clooney recalled standing backstage during the first ER “And the place went a bit.

“And we realized at that exact moment – we suddenly knew, as a group of struggling actors – suddenly we’re going to be working for a while. And the joy that came with that, people forget when our show came out – in the first few seasons we were making tens of millions more than Friends. We knew how lucky we were.

Noah Wyle, who was new to show biz at the time, said he was surprised at the excitement. “You’re like, isn’t that always the case?”

Julianna Margulies compared her next show to ER live. recalling that the producers were excited about his next mission because they had 14 million viewers. “14 million (against 44 million)”, she noted.

Clooney pointed to the time of emergencies at their peak. “It was date television. I had been on seven series before, and none of them were successful. We have to do a very nice turn on a really wonderful show.

Fame quickly transformed the experience. Margulies noted that while they were there, a group of actors decided to go to dinner together. “It was like walking with the Beatles,” she says. “I remember standing back and they were screaming for the guys.”

The series was so popular that it inspired a generation of people to investigate careers in medicine and as first responders, the cast noted. The show’s fast pace was like “cowboy action,” said CCH Pounders, which may have drawn in a younger audience who had just found their career path.

While the cast were happy to be reunited for the call, they were depressed when asked about the prospect of reuniting for a reboot or special.

Clooney admitted, “I don’t know. The hard part is, when you watch the show consistently over the years, it would be hard to say we could do it at the level where we have. I looked at it a bit. It’s a great television. It’s better than anything I see in a movie or anywhere. I have felt this about many episodes that I have seen. He added, “It’s hard to catch lightning again.”

Wyle noted that it was chic of executive producer / showrunner John Wells not to franchise the series on “ER New Orleans” or other shows. “We never did that.”

Margulies agreed with Clooney’s assessment. “I don’t think you can restart it. I think we have to leave what was so beautiful and move on. It looks like (a reboot) would depreciate it. “

But Ming-Na Wen admitted that she would like to start over. “I would like to do it just to hang out with this group of people again,” she said.

Clooney had the final say on this. “When we got the call on (the online advantage), we were really happy to see each other. Glad to see this gang. We grew up together. These are people I love. It’s fun to see you guys.

Watch the full meeting above.

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