“Enola Holmes” by Millie Bobby Brown, on Netflix

The premiere of “Enola Holmes” has been a success, on her first day on Netflix Millie Bobby Brown won the admiration of the public.

This September 23, Milly Bobby Brown came to Netflix again to play Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ little sister, who has gone through a very strange moment, because on her birthday her mother, played by actress Helena Bonham Carter, disappeared out of nowhere.

After the disappearance of his mother, Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill, and his other brother Mycroft, played by Sam Claflin arrive in their hometown, to find out what happened to their mother, and that the popular detective with him whereabouts.

But, along the way, Mycroft seeks to turn Enola into a lady, as his mother had taught him to be a free woman, which to the character of Sam Claflin seems inconceivable.

What about Enola Holmes?

Millie Boby Brown’s character is trained by her mother to be as insightful as her brother Sherlock, and she will be the one who personally searches for her mother, experiencing all the things of a typical teenager along the way, such as falling in love, and many others feelings.

This film highlights the great work of Millie Bobby Brown, who at her young age has already been cataloged as one of the most important actresses today, who has been the winner of several awards, so the Netflix platform continues to consider her in these big projects.

In fact, the British actress was also one of the producers of this film, so it gives it this youthful touch, very different from the classic Sherlock Holmes stories that we have known before.

Have you seen the Enola Holmes movie? What did you think of Milly Bobby Brown’s participation? Did you like seeing Henry Cavill as Sherlock? tell us your answers in the comments.

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