ENHYPEN Tries To Escape Darkness By Piercing ‘Fever’ Music Video

4th generation South Korean pop group ENHYPEN are back and released new music video for their track B-side ‘Fever’. After several teasers, the music video takes their supernatural element forward with an intriguing prologue.

The clip begins in a mansion as the septet is dressed in royal style outfits. They try to escape from an unknown black smoke that looks like a wormhole trying to engulf the septet. The prologue has’Outro: The wormhole‘instrumental with wave sounds, nature with a fluid synthesizer flow. The clip shows how a carnival is kind of an end after they couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy and time and space. The R&B track sees them wanting someone to acknowledge their presence, compare their body temperature to that of a vampire (an ongoing supernatural theme in the ENHYPEN universe), and hope to be healed after much suffering.

The lyrics describe the feeling, “My whole body is burning because of you / My heart is parched because of you / Like a fever, always, fever, fever / I want to hug you / I want to hug you / Even though I push it away , it burns in me / Even if it turns to ashes, the flames bloom / Like a fever, fever, fever / I want to suffer from you / I want to suffer from you. “

The sound is solid and sonorous, one of the strongest tracks on the album. ENHYPEN is a performing group of performers and their choreography in ‘Fever’ is crispy.

After making their debut with the album “ Frontier: first day ” last year the band released their second EP ‘Border: Carnival’ April 26, 2021, with the title song “ Drunk-dizzy ”. The group consists of seven multinational members Jungwon, Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki.

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The ENHYPEN post tries to escape the obscurity by piercing the music video for ‘Fever’ which first appeared on Bollywood Hungama.

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