Enem 2020 postpones deadline for photo registration

The deadline for registering the registration photo for Enem 2020 was extended by Inep, the organizer of the selection process, until 11:59 pm on the next Thursday (08). Apparently, technical problems with the portal prevented candidates who had not yet registered the photo from completing the file submission until yesterday evening, which was the deadline until then.

According to Inep himself, communication failures were caused due to the large volume of access to the system in a single day, which represents a common problem for most online services of national interest.

Now, the participants of the National High School Exam 2020 have one more week to complete their registration process, since the registration of the photo is mandatory.

Registration photo instructions

It is important to pay attention to the requirements required by Inep to send the registration photo:

  • show the participant’s entire face
  • be current
  • be sharp (with good lighting and focus)
  • be individual (only the registered candidate must appear)
  • color (black and white photos will not be accepted)
  • have white background
  • be in JPEG or PNG formats
  • have a maximum size of 2 MB

In addition to the previous instructions, the use of accessories such as sunglasses, a cap, visor, hat, hat or any similar object is also expressly prohibited. The file format must also not be of an unspecified type, as it will be discarded immediately.

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