Empowered and Joyful: Alicia Pascual-Peña and Hadley Robinson on Moxie | Interviews

APP: I couldn’t agree more. I have been fortunate in recent years to be part of projects created and written by women. And it’s a shame that this is a rarity. But I think it’s really wonderful to have been involved in projects that really wanted to celebrate women and show how multifaceted young women are. Both “Saved by the Bell” and “Moxie” are stories of women finding their voices, which I think is so powerful. But more to the point, with “Moxie” one of my favorite parts of being a part of this cast is the fact that you have women from different walks of life who look different, with different personalities coming together for a common cause. . There is so much power in unity and the movie really wants to shine a light and strengthen the intersectionality of feminism, which I find so beautiful. So, I can’t speak for Amy better. She’s not just a director, an amazing producer and then our phenomenal writer, Jennifer Mathieu, who wrote the book, Moxie. They always created this safe space where we really felt supported and empowered. So working with such phenomenal women has been an honor and a privilege. And I can’t wait to create more work and stories with women. We should be at the forefront. A story should be about us and not just objectifying or sexualizing us.

Were you able to bring to the story things that the old people who created it might not have thought of?

HR: Yes, it was very collaborative. There is a certain part of the movie where the girl group is texting each other. And I remember Amy asking us, “How about you guys? What would you text each other? Because if I do it, or if the writers do it, it won’t be that natural.” And so, we sent our various messages, and then she used them.

APP: It was really phenomenal making him respect our voices and just like some vernaculars that we used in the movie, or some moments that we really wanted them to be rooted in the authenticity of the way young girls. from high school would speak, young girls of a certain culture would speak; you know, times when I speak spanish in the movie or times when we’re at a soccer game and sort of improvising as young women. This is all genuine because she let us be honest and she respected our voices which was so kind and an honor.

It seems quite up to the minute, and yet the medium Vivian chooses is that of her mother’s generation, or even before, a zine, in print, not on social media.

HR: It’s such a creative medium, because you have such control. This may be exactly what Vivian envisions. If you have an Instagram page, it’s more of a sort of information wash, with other people commenting. She can really put her creativity into it. It takes a lot of work. And I think the fact that she is making all that effort really says something. And later, there is an Instagram page to support it.

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