Emma Watson really stopped acting to settle down with Beau Leo? Harry Potter fans, here is the truth!

Emma Watson is retiring? Here is the truth! (PC: Instagram / Getty Images)

Since last night, Harry Potter fans have gone crazy! There are rumors that Hollywood beauty Emma Watson has quit acting. She rose to fame with her portrayal of Hermoine Granger and there was no going back. Since then, the actress has been part of many famous projects such as Little Women, Beauty And The Beast, among others. But is she ending her career and the reason is love? Read on for all the details.

Emma and her boyfriend Leo Robinton (businessman) are said to have been dating for almost 18 months now. They met through mutual friends. There were also photos of the couple kissing that went viral in no time. Because of the same, Leo even ended up deleting his social media account.

Amid it all, reports suggested that Emma Watson had decided to quit gambling in order to settle down with her love. Ever since fans of the actress and her Harry Potter show have gone mad. From the memories of his best characters to his glamorous event looks, everything was going viral like never before.

All social media users, including Twitter, saw Emma Watson in Top Trends.

“Everyone thanks Emma Watson for honoring us with the Hermione Granger legend,” wrote one user.

Another wrote: “More Emma ??? she’s one of my favorites but it’s fine as long as she’s happy with her decision “

One user pointed out: “Emma is retiring. we did not appreciate his career enough ”

However, Harry Potter fans can now calm down. A representative for Emma Watson quashed the rumors by telling EW in a statement, “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant, but her career is not.”

Well, that’s clearly a sigh of relief!

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