Emily Ratajkowski with her baby fist and jeans

On Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski has once again won over her many subscribers with her adorable baby bump! Always so sexy with her baby bump, Emily Ratajkowski continues to crack the Web. The network star reveals her belly in jeans and is unanimous once again! MCE TV shows you everything.

With each appearance on the Web, Emily Ratajkowski causes a sensation. Internet users are crazy about her photos, each one more sexy than the next!

It must be said that with her, they do not have time to be bored. Every day, the blogger thus feeds her various accounts with exclusive content!

The social media star then had no less than 27 million subscribers on Instagram, her  favorite platform.

Yes, you did hear it. And since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski has had even more success!

She has also just once again made her many fans happy by posting a new photo of her baby bump …

Emily Ratajkowski toujours aussi sexy avec son baby bump et en jean !


So recently, Emily Ratajkowski fed her Insta story with a brand new never-before-seen video. her millions of fans rejoice!

In a white crop top and blue jeans, the famous photo model lets appear her adorable baby bump. We love !

Once again, the mother-to-be then cracked her millions of fans. They melt in front of her little rounded belly!

The latter have reacted en masse to their idol’s post. We have to believe that they still do not realize that she is pregnant …

Emily Ratajkowski surprised everyone! No one expected such an announcement from him. We let you take a look at the story of the star!

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