Elliot Page of Umbrella Academy shows up as transgender

Actor Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, turned out to be a transgender person. The artist took advantage of his Instagram platform to make the announcement, saying he feels extremely blessed for where he is in his life and for having the opportunity to tell who he really is.

Elliot is famous for The Umbrella Academy

Like Ellen Page, the actor has participated in the cast of several productions, such as Juno and An American Crime. However, it was his most recent role as Vanya Hargreeves, Number Seven, in The Umbrella Academy, on the Netflix streaming platform, that brought even more recognition to Page.

“I feel a lot of gratitude for the people who have supported me throughout my career. I cannot express how incredible it is to finally love who I am enough to be my authentic self. Thank you for your courage, authenticity and for all the struggle to make the a more inclusive and caring place “, Elliot wrote on Instagram.

Your page’s username has also been changed from Ellen to Elliot. Over the years, Page has been one of the greatest advocates for the rights of the LGBGQ + community.

During his time in Brazil, Page even questioned then deputy Jair Bolsonaro because of his speeches in relation to the community. LGBTQ +.

Now Elliot Page hopes to be a source of inspiration for thousands of other transgender people in the battle for a more just world for everyone. “To people dealing with abuse, violence, guilt and prejudice every day: I see them. I love them and will do what I can to improve the world”, concluded the actor on Instagram.

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