Ellen Pompeo calls Pens Open Letter to HFPA, “White Hollywood” – Deadline

Ellen Pompeo wrote an open letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and “White Hollywood” a day before the 2021 Golden Globes.

Shared in his Instagram post, Pompeo’s letter calls on the HFPA for its lack of diverse membership, a criticism that has echoed throughout Hollywood for a long time. Los Angeles Times presentation revealed that the industry body had no black journalists among its 87 members. While the HFPA responded to the backlash by noting that it will “immediately work to implement a plan” to increase diversity in its party, the Grey’s Anatomy star came up with his own solution and called “white hollywood” for help.

“I would like to ask all my white colleagues in this industry, an industry that we love and that has given us a huge privilege…. to arrive, show up and solve this problem, ”she wrote in the letter. “Let us show our black colleagues that we care and are ready to do the job of righting the wrongs that we have created. Now is not the time to shut up. We have a real element of action here, let’s go. “

Pompeo is one of many Hollywood names who question the lack of black members of the HFPA. Sterling K. Brown, Kerry Washington, Jurnee Smollett, Amy Schumer, and Dakota Johnson all shared a Time’s Up article calling out the HFPA.

See Pompeo’s open letter and posts from other industry figures below.

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