Electric cars are 3x greener than gasoline models

A new study in Europe indicates that electric cars are three times more beneficial to the planet than models powered by gasoline. The analysis was carried out by the European Transport & Environment Federation (Transport & Environment), a non-governmental organization that compared data on CO2 emissions across the European Union.

The analysis considered not only the final impact caused by the vehicles, but also that generated during their production process. From this perspective, the study shows that electric cars are more environmentally friendly, even in production scenarios with high levels of CO2.

Study results

To exemplify, the researchers cite battery production in China, which demands an intensive use of coal. However, a car equipped with one of these batteries is still better than combustion vehicles in Poland. In this scenario, the electric model would emit 22% less CO2 than a diesel car and 28% less than a gasoline car.

In Sweden, where there is a greater presence of renewable energies, the numbers are even more impressive: an electric car with a battery produced in the country generates 80% less carbon dioxide.

To make the results of the study more accessible to the public, the researchers even developed a tool that allows comparing the production of carbon dioxide from electric cars, diesel and gasoline in different European countries.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The organization responsible for the analysis expects these numbers to grow even more. In Europe, the expectation is that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 4 times by 2023. This change, say the scientists, will happen due to electric cars and the greater adoption of renewable energies, such as wind turbines and solar panels.

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