Ed Sheeran and Elton John slam UK government after Brexit deal – Deadline

Leading UK musicians include Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Liam Gallagher signed a letter saying the UK government’s Brexit deal has failed artists across the country.

In the open letter, published by The temperature, the group criticizes the end of the free movement of groups on tour. He also suggests that the costs and bureaucracy stemming from the new system will make touring “unsustainable”, especially for emerging musicians.

After the climax of the Brexit transition period, workers are no longer guaranteed to travel visa-free and may need to apply for additional work permits for shows in some countries.

As Deadline reported last week, the UK government and the EU are locked in a war of denials over who is responsible for the situation. Pressure has mounted for both sides to agree to an exemption for performers but this has yet to be achieved.

Today’s letter bolsters those calls by calling on the government “to urgently do what it said it would do and negotiate paperless travel to Europe for British artists and their equipment.” There are over 100 signatories with other big names including Brian May, Roger Waters, Roger Daltrey and Sting.

Film and television crews will be subject to the same rules, with some nations requiring additional visas to work. Stays longer than 90 days will see UK nationals requiring a relevant residence permit or visa issued by national authorities, in accordance with national or EU rules. Different rules apply to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania and if a worker goes to these countries, visits to other EU countries will not count towards the total of 90 days .

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