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The searches you do on the internet, wanting to know the weather forecast for today or the price of that coveted cell phone, can help increase the number of trees on the planet if the research is done in Ecosia. The search engine of German origin gained prominence on the web in October, after a video recorded by actress Laila Zaid, recommending the use of the platform, going viral on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Launched in 2009, it is a search engine that donates at least 80% of the monthly profits, obtained from ads, to non-profit organizations focused on reforestation. The group responsible for the platform publishes monthly financial reports and information on the number of plantations, for greater transparency, showing the amount invested in the environmental cause.

According to the company, a seedling is planted for every 45 searches made on the service, approximately, which is equivalent to a new planting per second. The page even includes a “trees planted by users” counter updated in real time, marking more than 113 million plantings so far.

The reforestation projects supported by the search engine are present in countries such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Morocco, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Burkina Faso, among others. It also has partnerships with some Brazilian NGOs.

Is Ecosia safe?

With the increased demand for Google’s rival search engine, many people may be in doubt about what the company does with data obtained from Internet users. According to the group behind the service, the search engine stores the searches for a week, with the information becoming anonymous after this period.

The company also claims not to sell user data to advertisers, as it happens with other search services, and that it does not use external tracking tools, opting to value the privacy of Internet users. All searches are encrypted, depending on the group.

In addition to the web version, which can be accessed through any browser, the alternative browser also has a mobile version, with a free app for Android and iOS.

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