Duffer Bros. and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Adapting Stephen King’s ‘Talisman’ to Netflix Series – Deadline

Stephen king’s The Talisman is in preparation for the small screen. Strange things creators Duffer Brothers, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Paramount Television Studios are adapting the book as a series for Netflix, sources familiar with the project have confirmed to Deadline.

The Talisman tells the story of Jack Sawyer, a 12 year old boy who embarks on an epic road quest to save the life of his dying mother. He is in search of the Talisman, a powerful relic that can not only heal his mother but, as he learns, save the world. Sawyer’s journey crosses two realities: America as we know it and its dangerous fantasy twin, The Territories.

Strange things executive writer-producer Curtis Gwinn, will write and serve as showrunner for the project. Netflix will co-produce in association with Amblin TV and Paramount TV Studios, we hear. Matt and Ross Duffer will executive produce via their Monkey Massacre Productions, alongside Speilberg, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey for Amblin TV. King would also serve as executive producer, along with Paramount Television. Todd Cohen will oversee the Amblin project, along with Spielberg, Frank and Falvey.

Netflix would not comment.

King owns the screen rights to The Talisman since 1982, two years before the publication of the book, but never found a way to develop the property as a feature.

The Talisman was once in development as a TNT miniseries, but was never picked up in series.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report on the project.

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