Dua Lipa refuses to participate in 2020 MTV VMAs

After announcing the long-awaited MTV VMAs 2020 event, singer Dua Lipa has caused a stir on social networks, find out why!

Through social networks they announced that next Sunday, August 30, the MTV Video Music Awards 2020 will be held, but this time the celebration will be totally different by adapting to the precautionary measures due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

After the announcement of the 2020 MTV VMAs ceremony that will begin at 6:30 p.m., Dua Lipa caused a stir on social networks, as it seems that the British artist and composer will not be at the awards.

Various artists will join this great music event, but what has internet users very puzzled is that the interpreter of ‘Break My Heart’ was humiliated in the worst way, since she was not nominated in the most important categories.

Dua Lipa was not the only one ignored

And it is that various American media announced that both Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, after being ignored in the nominations, refused to participate in the MTV VMAs 2020 ceremony, which has caused a great stir and anger among the fans, who were waiting the presence of the famous.

We remember that a few weeks ago they began to announce the nominees in various categories of the awards, but those absent from important recognitions were the British singer and the former member of the boy band One Direction.

Celebrities were only considered in categories such as production, choreography and video editing, but regarding major nominations such as Artist of the Year, Best Video of the Year and Best Song of the Year, they did not appear on the list.

Dua Lipa and her long awaited album

Despite being humiliated by MTV, the singer is promoting her long-awaited remix album “Club Future Nostalgia”, which will be released on August 28, so her fans are impatient for her long-awaited project.

Dua Lipa continues to focus on her music, although she was not nominated for important nominations for the MTV VMAs 2020, the famous one has not been left behind and is looking forward to the premiere of her album, which will be released before the celebration. Do you think it should have been among the best nominations?

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