Dropbox launched the password manager for its users

We had previously reported that Dropbox was launching a password manager in beta, now it is being released globally with more features for users Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional, all to bring even more security to its users along with a lot of practicality.

Dropbox Vault

Several features are being announced today, starting with the Vault or Vault in literal translation, a secure folder for storing documents and files that you absolutely cannot miss. Just save them and protect using a PIN, there’s an additional layer of security to encrypt sensitive documents like identity, passports and more.

In addition, it is worth remembering that it is possible to use the Dropbox scanner to keep them in the best possible condition, so you do not need to save a blurred or low quality photo. This feature is available to Plus users.

Automatic backup and custom tags

Automatic backup should be of great help to those who have more than one computer and need to maintain a sync between them. With it it will be possible to install Dropbox on Windows and Macs to keep the folders included in it organized and synchronized with each other, functioning almost like a virtual disk for Plus and Professional and Basic users as well.

Speaking of files stored in the cloud, Dropbox Professional users will also be able to automatically add watermarks and custom backgrounds to documents stored on Dropbox, which can be particularly useful for artists and professional use.

In addition, Dropbox users will also be able to track who viewed their files, when, with what device and what was done with each specific file, whether it was downloaded or just viewed.

Dropbox Passwords

Finally, Dropbox Passwords allows you to save your passwords using advanced zero knowledge encryption. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for Professional and Plus users, in addition it automatically logs in to sites with stored passwords, if you define it in his settings.

Finally, it is worth remembering that some of these functions require a Dropbox Plus and Professional subscription to work, which can be purchased within the application itself.

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