Drone DJI Mini 2 That Can Capture 4K Videos

Popular drone manufacturer DJI announced the new drone Mini 2. The drone, which has minimalist dimensions and a weight of 249 grams, can record video in 4K resolution. The drone, which comes with a connection technology called “OcuSync 2” instead of traditional Wi-Fi, is of the kind that hurts with its price.

DJI, one of the most popular drone manufacturers in the industry, announced a new drone named “Mini 2” at an event it organized. The company developed the Mini, which appeared to be the lightest drone in the world last year, and created this new model. Having unique features, the drone can be used without a license with its lightweight structure and minimalist dimensions. Unfortunately, the Mini 2 has a price tag that hurts.

DJI Mini 2 is a product that weighs only 249 grams. In addition, the developer team uses a wireless connection technology called “OcuSync 2” in Mini 2. This connection offers a 2.5 times more stable connection compared to conventional Wi-Fi connections. In this way, users do not encounter Wi-Fi problems while providing video recordings or streams.

This is how the DJI Mini 2 looks

The most important feature of DJI Mini 2 is its camera. The developer team announced the maximum video resolution of this drone as 4K 30 fps. However, consumers who find 30 fps insufficient can shoot 1080p 60 fps. In addition, users can now take raw photos with RAW extensions, not JPGs, with the Mini 2.

DJI’s new drone model can speed up to 60 kilometers per hour. Users can fly the Mini 2 continuously for 31 minutes. In addition, according to the company, the Mini 2 is also resistant to wind blowing up to 40 kilometers per hour.

According to DJI’s statements, the Mini 2 has the same remote as the recently released Mavic Air 2. However, the Mini 2 does not have as detailed sensors as the Mavic Air 2. Naturally, this means that some keys on the control of the Mini 2 will be non-functional.

The DJI team introduced the new drone model in two different packages. The first of these packs contains a single battery in addition to the drone and accessories. Consumers can get this package for $ 449 (approximately $ 3,800 + taxes). However, the company offers users more flight opportunities with the second package with three batteries. Consumers can get this second package for $ 599.

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