Dreamcatcher debuts BOCA, its new and colorful MV

The Dreamcatcher girls showed a new side to this comeback. Dreamcatcher is back and shared an important message through BOCA, their new song. This melody is the title track of Dystopia: Lose Myself, the group’s fifth mini album.

With a mystical aura setting, BOCA’s music video begins and shows us a tree in the middle of nowhere. A change of scenery transports us to the streets, where we see the group formation of the Dreamcatcher girls surrounded by their dancers.

Gahyeon begins the song while walking under the lighting in shades of pink and red. The changes in the set take us from an urban aesthetic towards a fantasy aura similar to a fairy tale. The girls show black outfits, but also surprised by wearing dresses in pastel colors that looked great.

Unlike other releases by the group, BOCA has a festive Moombathon-style rhythm, but upon reaching the chorus, the sound of electric guitars and the beat of the drums remind us of the rock essence of Dreamcatcher.

For its part, the lyrics of BOCA talk about evidence that points to someone, but this person seems to be used to this type of scenario that she has searched for herself. It is about a person who with her words takes the opportunity to hurt others, but the Dreamcatcher girls are not willing to continue supporting her and will make that person keep her mouth shut.

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