Download Proton VPN for PC (2021 Latest Version)

This is an excellent VPN that gives you both a free and a paid option. It is only supported for Windows, which means the VPN is not suitable for your MAC. Today, however, I’m going to break down the A to Z information of this VPN.

Why choose this Proton VPN for PC?

You can choose this VPN for your PC as it will give you accurate dates or locations that will help your business. It doesn’t slow down your PC or take up RAM space. The most interesting thing is that the VPN is free for your PC.

Overall, you get all of the features, even some extra features than any other VPN. After all, the VPN is virus-free and you can easily add the extension for any type of browser. I’ve found that you should choose this VPN for your PC for a number of reasons.

Proton VPN download details

last update September 9, 2020
developer ProtonVPN
License Commercially
operating system Windows
File size 17.0 MB
execution 1.17.1

Method 1: Download Proton VPN for PC from Techspot website

If you want to download this VPN for free, you need to go to TechSpot (dot) com. After visiting this website, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the website.
  • You may see a “Download Now” button on your left.
  • Click the button and the download will start automatically.

Method 2: Download Proton VPN for PC with Filehorse

If the first step doesn’t work perfectly, you can use this method. So download the VPN to do the following step.

  • Go to this file here (dot) com website.
  • Now you may see two buttons to download the VPN. One is free, another is paid.
  • If you want to download the VPN, click the button for free. The download will start automatically.

Hope you can understand what I am telling you about this VPN download process. However, if you want to buy with a license, you can go to Proton’s official website and buy with your desired license.

FAQs (frequently ask & ask)

Q: How do I install ProtonVPN on my PC?

A: If you want to get a free Proton VPN, you might get some free websites that I mentioned at the top. All you have to do is follow the process. However, if you want to buy this VPN, you can go straight to the ProtonVPN website.

Q: Is Proton VPN bad?

A: The simple answer is not. This VPN is so popular with people who need accurate information. There are a few facilities that you can get when purchasing and using this VPN.

Q: How can I download Proton VPN for free?

A: If you want to download this VPN for free, you can follow my section above. You might get several websites that offer free VPN. However, you should download a VPN with a license. I hope the above section helps you a lot in downloading this VPN for free.

Final verdict

If you’ve made poor use of your computer and want to access a different country location, VPN is one of the best solutions for you. On the other hand, ProtonVPN is now popular because of its safe and accurate dates.

I hope that now you can find out more about this VPN. You can choose this paid VPN version for heavy-duty use. If you feel that you don’t need to use the VPN heavily, you can go with the free version.

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