Donald Trump’s campaign account hacked

In the US, the Republican Party announced that its bank accounts were hacked and $ 2.3 million to be used in President Donald Trump’s campaign ahead of next week’s presidential election. Republican Party officials stated that this theft would seriously harm the election process.

Days before the presidential election in the USA, the bank account of Donald Trump, the candidate of the Republican Party, was hacked. Stating that $ 2.3 million was stolen, Republican State Wisconsin State President Andrew Hitt announced that they informed the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and that the issue was being investigated.

Hitt said that not being able to spend on their campaigns a week before the election could hurt them greatly.


Trump won the state of Wisconsin in the 2016 election by only 23,000. Survey companies state that there was a head-to-head race in this election, with Biden leading by a small margin.

Wisconsin, the 20th most populous state in the USA, sends 10 people to the electoral board.


Days before the presidential elections to be held in the US on November 3, national polls show former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden 7.2 points ahead of his rival, current President Republican Donald Trump.

Presidential elections in the United States are a few days away, and voters in the country began to cast their votes either by mail or by going to voting centers.

According to the current polls compiled by the political analysis site “Real Clear Politics”, when the average of many national surveys is taken, it is seen that Biden is 7.2 points ahead of Trump. Considering that Biden is 7.9 points up in Monday’s polls, it seems that Trump has caught up with his rival.

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