Does Russia have immunity to Covid-?

The mayor of Moscow claimed that half of Russia’s 12 million residents are now immune to the new Covid-19 virus.

While most of Europe’s big cities are now under strict lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid, the largest of all, Moscow, is an exception. Instead of closing bars, shops and restaurants, a lighter touch has been applied.

On Thursday, the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, indicated that the strategy, a mixture of appealing to personal responsibility and ordering restrictions on a relatively small scale, while increasing the hospital’s capacity, appears to be working.

The official told national television that about 50 percent of Muscovites are now immune to Covid-19 infection.

“The current option to stop the epidemic is the restrictive measures we are taking, and the second is population immunity, which all scientists and specialists talk about,” he explained, in an interview about ‘Rossiya-24’.

Immunity to Covid-19 in Russia?

Research conducted in Moscow shows that about 50 percent of the population has an immune response to the coronavirus: cellular immunity, antibodies, etc.

“[This] suggests that, in theory, 50 percent of the population is already more or less protected against coronavirus, but no one guarantees that a second illness will not follow,” Sobyanin added.

At the same time, the mayor reiterated that there are no plans to introduce a stricter lockdown in the city in the near future. The current measures, which have been extended until January 15, are much less restrictive than those imposed in comparable European cities, such as Paris and London.

For example, while nightclubs are closed, pubs can open until 11pm. Indoor concerts are restricted to 25 percent of venue capacity, and outdoor soccer games can accommodate a limited number of spectators.

In October, the virus was the leading cause of death for 2,235 people in the Russian capital, health authorities revealed, also on Thursday. That was more than 300 percent more than in September, when 543 deaths were listed with Covid-19 as the leading cause of death.

While the city’s official population is just under 13 million, there are around 20 million people in the Moscow metropolitan area.

As we informed you in Somagnews, in October a total of approximately 13,700 deaths were registered in the city, around 3,000 in 2019.During the past day, more than 6,000 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Moscow, with 1,700 people hospitalized.

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