“Do not bring your personal problems into your profession”

Nina Singh opens up learning about her acting experience (Photo credit: Instagram / nonaberrry)

Actress Naina Singh, known for her portrayal of Rhea Mehra on the popular hit show ‘Kum Kum Bhagya’, spoke about a very relevant issue, citing her own personal experience in this exclusive interview. So despite some bad days, actors have to follow their minds and are supposed to deliver their best performance every day.

Sharing her point of view on the same, Kum Kum Bhagya actress says, “I think it happens with all actors. Every day is not a good day. Everyone is in pain, whether it’s finding more work or battling COVID, trying to reach sanity or family issues. As Raj Kapoor rightly said, “the show must go on”. Do not bring your personal life into your professional life ”.

Tying this to the experiences she has personally gained in the industry, Naina said, “I learned this from my own experiences. If you can do it, you are a player in the method, but I think changing emotions is difficult, but it is really necessary in our industry, ”she concluded.

The actress will soon be seen doing something huge on the job front, known for her work on fiction shows! Naina wanted to do something unconventional in the web space

Naina Singh, known for her fierce and nuanced personality since her first appearance in Splitsvilla, has captivated several hearts in a very short time. The Kumkum Bhagya actress explained that just dreaming doesn’t work, but you have to make your dreams come true by recklessly persuading them.

Naina says, “I’m not someone who sits and dreams. If I think of something, I am and I do it. Dreaming is for people who are sleeping. I am someone who likes to be in reality and follow my dreams ”

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