Disney World plans audio-animatronic version of Joe Biden – Deadline

Now that you’ve won the presidency, Joe Biden, where are you going?

The answer, of course, is that he’s going to Disney World. The theme park announced today that President Joe Biden will be exhibiting an “audio-animatronic” replica at the Hall of President exhibit at Disney World.

Disney has updated the Hall of Presidents every time a new one enters their first term. The attraction features speeches from presidents, starting with Bill Clinton from 1993.

Details on the audio-animatronic Biden were not available today, and the Hall is listed as “closed for renovation” on the Walt Disney World Resort website on Wednesday.

The attraction is located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom park. and offers moving and talking audio-animatronic replicas of all American presidents.

Visitors to the Hall of Presidents can watch a 25-minute show describing the history of the founding of the United States and major points in American history. The speeches of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are delivered by their Audio-Animatronics.

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