Director Timur Bekmambetov loves this new innovative film technique

A kind of filmmaking for our time.

In 2021 it can be difficult to find new ways to innovate in film as it often feels like “everything has been done before”. But today we’re talking to director Timur Bekmambetov, who has found a new way to tell stories and is now deeply rooted in “screen life”, connecting with younger viewers and pushing the boundaries of the medium.

In this episode we talk about …

  • Bekmambetov’s early career and how he got into filmmaking in Russia, which included almost every job except acting!
  • What happened when Bekmambetov started delving into more artistic, avant-garde films, and his realization that the only way to tell stories is to be real about fears, dreams, and other vulnerable emotions.
  • How life on the screen can work with each genre and examples of the types of film Bekmambetov shot in this format.
  • The be-all and end-all of creating a movie on screen, from the different types of acting (it’s about the movement of the cursor or what is more like typing than facial expressions) to the way it’s filmed, to the way how it is processed in the mail.
  • Bekmambetov’s advice for young filmmakers who want to get involved in this new way of filmmaking.

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