Digital Instagram Influencers and their demise!

Influencers (phenomena, influencers, and the like), who address millions of people on Instagram, are becoming more visible, especially on “sale days”. As such, we come across different variants of different projects. In this context, we managed to increase the number of digital Instagram Influencers, which started to appear in 2016 for the first time. These characters are completely digital and even though a human manages their Instagram accounts, they offer us the “sparkling” world created for an unreal person.

Will Digital Instagram Influencers increase even more?

The digital model Lil Miquela, who once took part in the projects of famous fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Prada, attracted a lot of attention when it was released. This digital character, which has reached millions of people, seems to have inspired different projects. Ziv Scheneider from Columbia University Brown Institute for Media Innovation, based on digital Instagram characters, also carried out a similar project.

Dijital Instagram Influencerları

Scheneider, a technologist, researcher and journalist, started an Instagram project called Sylvia. In this context, he created an Influencer that does not actually exist in real life, but continues to exist digitally. The digital character, who took place on Instagram with the name of Myfriendsylvia, entered Instagram in July of this year. Sylvia, who looks like a woman in her 30s, died digitally when the project ended last week and her Instagram life ended at the age of 80.

Dijital Instagram Influencerları-00

Although it was an interesting situation, this digital user on Instagram was addressing more than 2 thousand people and there were people who thought he was real. There is an interview with Scheneider, who signed the project at Variety. This interview focuses on how digital characters really affect people. This use has already spread from digital Instagram models to games. The digital characters created on the LoL side come to life on Instagram as if they are real, make concerts and release albums. Just like the digital model Lil Miquela who first brought this concept to life.

If we go back to Sylvia. The character created was developed using Daz 3D and other three-dimensional modeling methods. The character, who has aged in a short time, actually makes a reference to real life. The progressive projects of Scheneider, the researcher and journalist who have signed an impressive project, are also really interesting.

Dijital Instagram Influencerları-00

We see that concepts such as artificial intelligence and robots have reached a really important point today, and creating realistic characters is now much easier than before. It seems that the concept of “digital influencer” will find an important place for itself in social media platforms where even real users do not look like real with filters.

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