Did you know that ‘PCU’ has been canceled? (It is not)

George Clinton and the Parliamentary Funkadelic will know about it!

Do you remember the late 90s and early 2000s when Comedy Central ran the same movie every day? It was always the underrated classics like Back to school, meatballs and PCU.

To be honest, I hadn’t thought of it PCU in around 20 years. This is probably my loss.

For those of you who need a refresher, PCU is a 79-minute comedy film starring Jeremy Piven and David Spade. It looks strange Life at the fictional Port Chester University. We see parties, clubs, sex, bullying and lots of crazy situations that culminate with George Clinton and the Parliamentary Funkadelic playing a house party.

Oh, and Jon Favreau looks ridiculous. Which makes me laugh all the time.

This film was largely rejected after its release, yet another comedy from the ’90s that contained some funny jokes but was never elevated to anything transcendent. I haven’t seen it in two decades, but I remember loving it when I was 14.

So what started this pleasant wave of film nostalgia?

Yesterday I came across an article on Twitter about how Hollywood canceled PCU because the movie isn’t awake enough. Ordinarily I would laugh and move on, but that argument wasn’t brought up as a bit. It was in an article on defending free speech.

The article entitled “How to Defend Freedom of Expression, “goes deep into the details of the supposed suppression of free speech, but goes back on PCU over and over …

Things start like this:

The hostility to political correctness was so universal at the time that Hollywood made a movie that criticized the concept. In the 1994 film PCU, Jeremy Piven and David Spade turned campus radicals into punchlines. Since it was Hollywood, Spade played the obligatory Republican antagonist and leader of a fraternity of Neanderthals in a blazer and tie, while Piven’s character Droz stood apart, ridiculed the claims of campus radicals and generally belittled all sides. The film even allowed leftists to parody themselves. In one scene, a feminist reproachfully asks a friend: ‘[y]Did you date a white man? ‘ The defendant replied defensively: “I was a newcomer! Freshman. ‘

That’s a fun paragraph, and I think generally fair to the movie. It was a satire about being on a woke up ’90s campus, and Piven was seen as the “voice of reason” in the film. But then the arguments over PCU take a wild turn.

The article argues that “political inaccuracy” used to be cool, but now that’s what Hollywood is censoring. And it takes advantage of PCU’s general unavailability to prove that Hollywood is behind the scenes trying to silence this movie.

The article actually says: “The fourth area of ​​opportunity for advocates of free expression is in the area of ​​popular culture. Here, too, it is more demanding than in the 1990s. Hollywood is, if possible, even more left-wing than it was in that decade, and the demolition culture has a strong grip on the entertainment industry. Indeed, PCU is not available on streaming services today; The only way to get it is on a DVD on the secondary market, which will cost you $ 35. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that there might be some political reason for its relative unavailability. ”

I really don’t know where to start, but when you think Hollywood is falling silent? PCUwhat do you think they do with classics like True lies, the abyss, cocoon, or all the other wildly popular titles that are also inaccessible thanks to studio takeovers and licensing agreements?

While Hollywood leans to the left, I don’t think there is any liberal conspiracy to bury a subordinate David Spade movie.

I think there isn’t enough audience for a corporate overlord to make sure it gets streamed on Blu-ray. And I don’t think Disney + cares to pay homage to the 90s animal shelter either.

That being said, we’re in a strange time when we don’t actually have access to a lot of movies. We might think we’re doing that thanks to streaming, but studios and their huge categories didn’t make it easy, even if we thought they could. We are losing older films, genre classics and even unknown treasures at an alarming rate.

The truth is, a lot of old, mostly well-kept films are no longer accessible. It’s a really sad part of the industry! When Disney took over Fox, people lamented the fact they might bury old titles, including PCU lives.

This epidemic has nothing to do with abandonment culture. I mean you can still watch Birth of a nation, and I think if Hollywood dumped old movies this one would be at the top of the list!

Even the laziest researcher could have found out this stuff. The easiest Google reveal a list of movies that are not being streamed thanks to complicated licensing and neglect of the studio.

Underneath is dogma. Do we think there is a major Catholic Church conspiracy to silence Kevin Smith? Keep Silent Bob calm! No. This is not a thing.

PCU hasn’t been canceled, and the people of Hollywood are nothing but victims of aggressive capitalism that has forgotten that this city was built at the intersection of art and commerce and is only focused on commerce.

It’s a shame when you can’t see a movie from the past. We have to do something about it. But that has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

As the great George Clinton once said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”

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