Did you know Sidharth Shukla and Pavitra Punia brought Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Jab We Met Characters to life on the small screen

Did you know Sidharth Shukla transformed Shahid Kapoor in a TV show inspired by Jab We Met (Photo credit: Twitter and IMDb)

When Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met came out in 2007, Bollywood moviegoers were in for a treat. It’s no hidden fact that Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor Khan star became a blockbuster hit, but did you know it inspired a TV show starring Sidharth Shukla and Pavitra Punia?

That is true. The 2007 film, known for its hit characters and music, inspired Star Plus to show Love U Zindagi in 2011. The story, which premiered in late January 2011, was loosely based on the romantic comedy.

Love U Zindagi centered around Rahul Kashyap (Sidharth Shukla), a heartbroken offspring and Geet (Pavitra Punia), a daring and bubbly young girl. Much like the film, the series too was set in a Punjab and saw the duo meet on the Punjab Mail train and begin a memorable journey of a lifetime. Young people travel from Mumbai to Bhatinda, Punjab and from there to Manali.

The show Sidharth Shukla & Pavitra Punia lasted 46 episodes. It premiered on January 29, 2011 and was discontinued on July 10, 2011. In addition to these stars, the Star Plus show starred Aleeza Khan as Roop Dhillon, Navina Bole as Manjeet and Pavan Malhotra as role of Daljeet, Neelu Kohli Parmeet, Surendra Pal as Daarji and more.

Did you know that amazing fact of who can undoubtedly be called the present heart of the nation? While Sidharth Shukla took part in Bigg Boss 13, we saw him interact with ex-costar Pavitra Punia during the first few weeks of Bigg Boss 14. On the job side, Sid is currently set to star in Broken But Beautiful Season. 3.

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