Did Tom Hardy break lockout rules for training?

Tom Hardy breaking the rules for training? (Photo credit – Tom Hardy / Getty)

Actor Tom Hardy appears to have broken lockdown rules as he was recently seen leaving a gym.

According to photos from thesun.co.uk, the actor came out of a closed martial arts school in training gear.

Carrying a Jiu-Jitsu bag, Tom Hardy walked down a back staircase and got into his car, where he sprayed a substance on his right shoulder.

A sign on the door of Elevate Martial Arts in Richmond, South West London reads: “Closed, but still great.”

A spectator said Tom Hardy appeared to have practiced there on Friday afternoon.

They said, “He went out to the upper level but at the back, where there is a metal staircase leading to the parking lot.

“He was wearing full training gear and a cap and looking at his phone. He really looked like he was training there.

“When he got back to his car, he unloaded his things and sprayed himself on his shoulder with what looked like a can of Deep Heat.

“You see him a lot here, and it’s well known he’s a regular at the gym.

“I wondered if he could have his own key because the gym appears to be closed and locked up front.

“There are also a few doors leading to the staircase at the back, which is how it came down.

Hardy lives nearby and was previously pictured at the gym with a personal trainer before his role as Venom in the 2018 superhero film.

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