Did Raunch-Com save romantic comedy?

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Turns out we owe a lot to these cock jokes.

Romantic comedies are as old as Hollywood itself. People have always loved watching people fall in love, but the genre is rising and flowing in popularity. Sometimes when you have a few in a row that seem to be stalling, studios can fluctuate whether or not they are reasonable bets. While these comedies were big in the 90s, they started to flop in the early 2000s. People were concerned that traditional romantic comedy would disappear from the landscape.

Then came the tail jokes.

The early 2000s saw an incredible rise in raunch comedy films, which prioritized blue dialogue, crude humor, and the deconstruction of male character archetypes to allow a different look at life and love.

Check out the video from The recording below.

Did Raunch-Com save romantic comedy?

If you’ve seen the video, you know that raunchy movies essentially have roots back to the late 1960s, with movies like Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, The Graduate, as well as Harold and Maude in the 1970s, which helped push cultural boundaries. While sex comedy was thriving then, too, we saw a shift in the ’90s to the romantic versions with films like Employees and There’s something about Mary.

These paved the way for the 2000s when it looked like Judd Apatow ruled the world. He directed it The 40-year-old virgin, knocked, and Train wreck, and produced Very bad and Sarah Marshall forgot along with many others.

These films were critical and box office hits, kicked off their stars’ careers and ushered in a new heyday for the genre, but they also saved traditional romantic comedy.

With raunch-coms emerging and eroding expectations, tropes, and characters, they also found a way to tell traditional romantic stories that made them attractive to a wider audience. While the R rating might be the kiss of death for some films, they actually made these films more attractive and marketed them to both men and women.

‘Forgot Sarah Marshall’Recognition: Universal images

They also changed the kind of tones we liked in movies, preferring more grounded looks at life instead of the more goofy slapstick routines of most romantic comedies. And they loved using dialogue. Like the old screwball comedies, these films preferred fast-speaking characters who loved to joke. This is where the real sloppiness came into play. People openly talked about sex and kinks in ways that cinema had never really tackled. and they laughed a lot because of it. Characters felt sincere and often felt rooted in them, even when their ultimate goals weren’t always a relationship.

All of this changed the perception of the audience and the studio. People were excited to go to the theaters to watch. Even traditional romantic comedies have gotten a boost, with these crazy films that allow comedy to hit the box office and prove that laughter, when done well, is a viable way for studios to make money.

That boost was enough to make sure the genre didn’t go away and made room for its expansion when streaming came into the game and people could actively choose what to watch.

Let us know your favorite raunch coms in the comments.

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