Did Demi Lovato cancel her engagement?

A Demi Lovato fan page has been collecting some evidence that the famous is going through a crisis in her relationship.

Demi Lovato is one of the most important American singers in the world, as the former Disney girl has won the affection of the public thanks to her vocal talent.

In this sense, the famous woman is in the eye of the show, every time she talks about a new project, or reveals some good news, such as her commitment to the musician Max Erich, who has been in relationship with her for some months. the famous.

However, it seems that there could be a pre-marital crisis between the two, because according to the page “Demi Lovato México”, a fan club of the singer, there is some evidence that could prove that there has been a distance.

What is that evidence on Demi Lovato?

According to rumors, Demi Lovato did not like Max’s latest post on social networks, and she has not talked about her in her stories, in addition, the famous boyfriend has shared messages of sad songs.

Likewise, Max deleted the featured stories from his Instagram account where he was dating the Skyscraper interpreter.

However, the icing on the cake that confirms this separation, or that there are at least problems, is that Dallas, the singer’s younger sister, unfollowed her brother-in-law, which has given us proof that there is clearly a anger.

For now, the singer has not confirmed anything about it, and on the contrary, a few days ago she shared a message in which she talked about how happy she was about her engagement, and even rejected the Marshmallow ring, because they had already proposed to her. before.

Do you think Demi Lovato has ended her relationship? Do you like the couple that these two celebrities make? Tell us your answers in the comments.

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