Details of Jennifer Lopez’s elegant and silver dress

The night of the American Music Awards saw the biggest stars pass by who showed their best looks for the night. Jennifer Lopez was one of them and she dazzled not only with her powerful performance alongside Maluma but also with how good she looked upon arriving at the event.

For the gala, JLo wore a beautiful silver look that caused a sensation on the red carpet. It was a two-piece Balmain set that stood out for its application of rhinestones and its large size.


At the top the singer wore a silver blouse with shoulder pads and long sleeves and a pronounced neckline, at the bottom she wore a skirt in the same color with an opening. Without a doubt, the singer showed off her incredible figure once again.

For her hairstyle she chose to wear a “Wet” style with small waves, combing it straight to the sides. Her makeup was in brown tones and dark shades. She perfectly matched her nails, jewelry, and a handbag.

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