Despite being an atheist, how did he write a song like “O Paalanhaare”?

Javed Akhtar turns 76 today and we celebrate his song “ O Paalanhaare ” (Photo credit – Wikipedia / Javed Akhtar; photo by O Paalanhaare)

Javed Akhtar turns 76 today and receives birthday greetings from fans and admirers around the world. The highly acclaimed artist started in the industry in 1971 as a screenwriter and began writing songs from 1981. Son of Indian Urdu poet Jan Nisar Akhtar, Javed Akhtar established his name among the top list. poets and lyricists of all these years. .

In his career as a lyricist so far, Javed Akhtar has written songs of all genres: romance, patriotic, festive and even devotional. If he wrote a calming track like Main Yahaan Hoon by Veer Zaara, Om Shanti Om’s Dard-E-Disco was also written by him. Who can forget his creepy words to Border’s Sandese Aate Hain?

As a big fan of Mr. Javed Akhtar, I always feel amazed when listening to his songs and poems of all kinds. But it is he who amazes me the most with his devotional songs. Akhtar has often claimed that he is an atheist. He has always advocated for equal opportunities for all religions and perhaps that is why he has also been criticized by Hindus and Muslims. But I’m still blown away by the beauty of his words, especially in a devotional piece like “O Paalanhaare” by Lagaan.

The song AR Rahman composed in the film comes at a time when everyone is in desperate need of divine support. That’s when this song by Lata Mangeshkar does the magic. Not just for the characters in Lagaan, the song acts as the voice of anyone who needs Lord’s support in real life. And who doesn’t need that? The way Javed Akhtar wrote this song, it’s amazing when he calls himself an atheist. “Chanda Mein Tumhe to Bhare Ho Chandni, Sooraj Mein Ujaala Tumhi Se, Yeh Gagan Hai Magan, Tumhi to Diye Ho Isey Taare. Bhagwan, Yeh Jeevan Tumhe Na Sanwaaroge to Kya Koi Sanwaare. Who else can write words like these except the man who has so much faith in the Lord?

On Javed Akhtar’s birthday, I listen to “O Paalanhaare” over and over with wet eyes. What’s his song in your playlist? Happy birthday, Janaab! Happy New Year to come!

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