Demon’s Souls will have more than 180 guide videos help

Mark Cerny, Lead Architect for PS5, explains that they added these how-to videos thanks to the Activities feature.

Demon’s Souls for PS5 will squeeze out the new ‘Activities’ feature incorporated into the console interface. ‘Game Help’, a new exclusive service for PS Plus players, will offer video guides of titles of the console with images and videos that will help the user to complete a level or phase. In the case of the SIE Japan and Bluepoint Games remake, there will be more than 180 videos as a guide.

As explained by Mark Cerny, head of PS5 architecture, in a meeting with The Washington Post, this compendium of videos will be dedicated to each level of the game with specific clues to help envision the right way forward.

As we saw in the video introducing the interface of the new Sony console, they will be a kind of cards that will be superimposed on the screen, so we will not have loading times nor will it be necessary to exit the game. Although he has not provided specific details, it is hoped that we will get out of doubt soon with some examples.

Demon’s Souls, one of the exclusive PS5 launch games

MeriStation recently had the opportunity to interview Demon’s Souls Creative Director Gavin Moore. After chatting with him we learned that the game will allow playing with the original camera, which will not have a difficulty selector, that he has decided not to incorporate the sixth Archstone and that it will have two modes on PS5 in 4K resolution: not based on resolution (4K natives at 30 FPS) and another in visual fidelity (dynamic 4K at 60 FPS). This is what it looks like at 60 FPS.

Demon’s Souls will hit stores around the world on November 12 exclusively for PlayStation 5. As regards consoles, for their part, both PS5 and PS5 All Digital will be released in Europe on November 19 for 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively; although in the rest of the world they will arrive a week before.

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