Demon’s Souls Remake used rubber ducks for tests

Bluepoint Games, the team responsible for the PlayStation 5 adaptation, modeled them to test some aspects of the video game.

In a game like Demon’s Souls Remake, all the mechanics must work perfectly. From Software titles are characterized by good design, something that Bluepoint Games, those in charge of developing the revamped version of PS5, have had to follow at face value. The funny thing is that the developers used a rather unorthodox method to test some specific elements of the game. Can you imagine the world of Boletaria full of rubber ducks? Well now you don’t have to visualize it in your brain, because there are videos that testify to it.

Collin Harris, Bluepoint technical artist, tells GamesRadar that they filled the world with rubber ducks, although he stresses that none of them have survived the final screening. In other words, they were only used to develop the effects and the destruction of the scenes, but they have not reached the final version. It all started when Harris’s friend Alex modeled a cute rubber duck, which was later added to the game’s resource library. For a time, this model lived in the shadows, until it was rescued by Harris and used as a resource for testing.

They didn’t want him to sneak into the final version

“It just ended up being the best model for testing because of its size and shape,” Harris said. “It didn’t hurt that it was also” somewhat amusing “to see a bright yellow rubber duck sitting in an incredibly detailed dark fantasy setting.”

This funny situation degenerated to the point that the ducks multiplied and there was even a giant and deadly version, capable of devouring human characters, so that the developers were forced to eliminate it directly. In fact, Harris claims that they deleted them because they feared that one of them would slip into the final version inadvertently. “There were great concerns (and not without reason) that given the domestic popularity, ducks would somehow appear in the commercial game.”

Demon’s Souls Remake is available exclusively for PS5.

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