Delkin CFexpress Type A cards are coming this fall

Delkin CFexpress Type B BLACK memory cards are also now available.

There are numerous brands and formats (microSD, SD, CFexpress, CF, etc.) to choose from for memory cards. One of the newer formats is CFexpress Type A, which Sony introduced to the a7S III, FX6, and FX3 Cameras.

Currently, the only CFexpress Type A cards available are manufactured by Sony. A 160 GB Card can cost up to $ 398. All of that is about to change with Delkin’s new CFexpress Type A cards expected to be released this year.

No film school has confirmed this with a Delkin representative who said, “W.We’re looking at a late fall release for Type A. “Delkin didn’t give us an exact date but said,” Late in the year is our goal. ”

The CFexpress Type A card slot is wonderful as you can insert either an SD card or a CFexpress Type A card into the same slot on the camera. While CFexpress Type B cards are bigger and faster, CFexpress Type A cards are fully functional for 4K workflows.

Delkin Type B, Sony Type A.

Difference between CFexpress type A, type B and type C.

CFexpress cards are based on the PCIe Gen 3 interface and use NVMe protocols to improve performance and proficiency in capturing video and capturing still images. Here is a brief breakdown of the differences.


  • CFexpress 1.0 Uses the NVMe 1.2 stack and is limited to a single form factor (Art B)
  • CFexpress 2.0 uses NVMe 1.3 stack and offers 2 additional forms at the same time Factors


  • .Art A: 20 mm (w) x 28 mm (l) x 2.8 mm (d)
  • Art B: 38.5 mm (w) x 29.6 mm (l) x 3.8 mm (d)
  • Art C: 54 mm (w) x 74 mm (l) x 4.8 mm (d)


  • CFexpress Type A: speed up to 1000 MB / s
  • CFexpress Type B: speeds up to 2000 MB / s
  • CFexpress Type C: speed up to 4000 MB / s

Type B cards have the same size and connector as XQD cards, and although Type C has already been classified, they are generally not used yet. We’ll likely see them later at higher resolutions and data rates.

Recognition: NFS mapping

Delkin CFexpress Type A cards

When Delkin steps into the CFexpress Type A space, expect prices to be much lower than Sony. You can also bet that Sony will cut the cost of its tough cards as more competing brands hit the market. If the trend is correct, storage capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB and possibly higher should be available from Delkin.

Regarding the competition, it has been rumored that ProGrade Digital will bring Type A cards to market, but there is nothing yet. ProGrade has already introduced a Type A and Type B combo CFexpress card reader, so Type A cards may not be too far away. We asked ProGrade for an update and a rep told us that he was not commenting on a Type A launch.

Hopefully ProGrade, Lexar, and others will hit the market with Type-A cards.

Delkin CFexpress Type B BLACK

New to the Delkin CFexpress Type B family is the BLACK Edition, which is also available in SD, microSD and CF options.

The BLACK cards combine industrial materials with fast performance. With a Via the PCIe 3.0 interface, the CFexpress cards can achieve reading speeds of up to 1760MB / s and write speeds of 1710MB / s.Better still, the minimum write speed will never drop below 1400MB / s, which makes it ideal for 8K image capture with the Canon R5.

Delkin also says that BLACK cards are virtually unbreakable. They have a solid shape design with the internal parts of the card completely sealed and protected on the inside. This protects them from dirt and water damage. The cards can even survive when completely submerged in water.

The Delkin CFexpress Type B BLACK cards are available with capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Prices for the Delkin BLACK start at $ 129 for the 64GB and go up from there.

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