Deity starts a small “Do Everything” box with the BP-TRX

It does timecode, it records locally, it transmits audio signals – it even makes a smoothie.

The new little BP-TRX from Deity solves many audio problems on set in one small package. Announced last year, it’s finally available for pre-order. We checked out the handy audio tool!

Audio on set used to be pretty easy. They used a clap-slate to keep it in sync and picked it up from a single cantilever bar on 1/4 “tape. However, as our technology has become more sophisticated, so have our backup needs, tight post-timelines mean that time code synchronization is preferred.

We want wireless receivers and transmitters to deliver audio from the mixer to the cameras or from the microphones back to the mixer. And we are so nervous that radio signals are interrupted that we want a local recording of the audio files as well as a security backup.

With the tiny 430g BP-TRX from Deity, you can now do all of these things in one box. It works as both a receiver and a transmitter. You can plug it into a lavalier and put it in someone else’s pocket as a radio transmitter. You can put it on your mixer as a receiver. Or you can put it on the camera to receive something broadcast from the mixer. You can even plug it into headphones as a director monitor.

In addition, it provides internal recording so you can record files internally if you are in a busy RF interference zone and are concerned about dropouts and static electricity in your audio. Best of all, it works with timecode in its local recording, but can also receive and create timecode for syncing.

Imagine the scenario of a multi-camera shoot where you merge all of your cameras in the post and want to sync them automatically with no extra work (remember, we never have much time in the post these days).

With these devices you sync the timecode together and then mount one on each camera. They then deliver every timecode and keep it in sync. This is traditionally something you would need to purchase an additional device, but with the TRX, everything is part of the package.

Add a fourth BP-TRX to the lead for his lavalier and everything should fit together perfectly in sync in the post.

All of this is done via an internal battery that gives you 130 minutes of working time, which is sufficient for an interview or a stand-up. If you need more time, it will need USB-C power, which is becoming more common with smaller movie accessories. So you can run a USB cable from your battery or power distribution to keep it going all day without thinking about it.

Now available as a single unit or in kits that combine two BP-TRX for timecode or two units and a receiver for independent productions.

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