Decree aiming to implement 5G in the country was signed

The Federal Government signed the decree that regulates Law 13.116 / 2015, whose legislation was also sanctioned by President Dilma Rousseff. Known as the Antenna Law, the new law should streamline the process of installing telecommunications antennas, reducing the current bureaucracy.

The new law creates rules that determine the licensing process and what must be observed in terms of historical and landscape heritage, population health and the environment. The law was enacted, according to Communications Minister Fabio Faria, to speed up the deployment of antennas in the country as the 5G auction, scheduled for the second quarter of 2021, is approaching. According to the minister, the country will need ten times more antennas than the current quantity.

The telecommunications sector sees legislation as fundamental, especially because it simplifies and unifies the guidelines on the installation of new antennas, and the edition of the decree was essential for its regulation. There were about 270 different municipal laws to determine the areas where new points were allowed to be implemented. The law can help expand the coverage area and also strengthen the signal for telephony and mobile internet in the country, standardizing the requirements, according to Sindtelebrasil, which represents telephone operators.

However, the question of positive silence, which is the target of bill 3269/2019, is not resolved. In practice, it authorizes the installation of telecommunications network antennas if there is no municipal demonstration within 60 days. The 2015 law text provided for the implementation of positive silence, but was vetoed by the then president.

In addition to the Antenna Law decree, the federal government launched the Norte Conectado program, which brings actions for the implementation of fiber optic infrastructure and, in this first moment, will interconnect the cities of Macapá Macapá (AP), Alenquer (PA), Almeirim (PA) and Santarém (PA), and should extend to the states of the North Region with a capacity network above 100 GB / s.

There are more than five thousand requests for the installation of new antennas in the country, according to Anatel data, which were not installed, according to Senator Major Olímpio (PSL), author of the project, due to the delay in granting licenses by the County.

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